How do I know if my WhatsApp video call is being recorded?

The idea of someone watching you when you’re in a private video call is a scary thought. How do I know if my WhatsApp video call is being recorded? Is there a way to tell that the camera on the other end is turned off or not? Which apps can I use to make sure that conversations are secure and private?

If you have been trying to find out how to know if WhatsApp video call is being recorded, then this article will help you. In this blog post, we list down some of the ways as well as third-party apps through which you can know if WhatsApp video call is being recorded or not.


Can you record WhatsApp video calls?

Recording WhatsApp calls can be easy if your device allows a screen recording app. For Android, there are many apps that can record WhatsApp video calls. AZ Screen Recorder is one of the most popular screen recorder for android available in the App Store with over a million downloads to date.

So, how do you record a WhatsApp video call? Well here are 3 easy steps with no rooting or spending any money.

For IOS users, there is nothing that you can do because iOS doesn’t support third-party apps to record audio and video calls on ios devices. It has not yet been compromised by hackers so far hence Apple has not allowed anyone to access this feature even if it’s built-in on the iOS operating system. You may try using some Jailbroken iOS device to record your WhatsApp Video Calls.

Steps on How To Record WhatsApp Video Calls On Android Phones/Tablets:

1) Download and install AZ Screen Recorder. You can download it from the play store.

2) Launch AZ Screen Recorder. Click on the icon in the notification area to toggle recording ON or OFF.

3) To stop recording, click on the icon again. During the preview, tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the floating control bar.

4) That’s it! Your Video Call will be recorded by your phone/tablet itself without rooting it at all 🙂 Enjoy!

To check the recorded files, go to the “Downloads” folder on the SD card or internal storage in the Gallery app. You can also playback recorded videos in the default video player or use any other 3rd party apps that matter which supports standard video formats like MP4, AVI, etc.

How can I know if my WhatsApp video call is recording or not?

It is possible that your WhatsApp conversations are being recorded. The idea of recording is not new to Whatsapp, they have warned users in the past that they might be creating audio and video records of their chats.

WhatsApp also warned users about the fact that unknown malicious actors are actively trying to install spyware on mobile devices by pretending to be update tools or something else legitimate.

Here are some signs you can notice when you are being spied upon through WhatsApp:

Is my conversation bugged?

If you suspect someone is spying on your WhatsApp messages then there are certain things in the chat window that can help you know if something fishy is going on. Some of these include bold letters in the middle of a personal conversation between you and your friend and you and an unknown person and the font size of the message changes.

You may also notice that you will be receiving a lot of undelivered messages from your contacts. If these have been sent several times, it can be a sign suggesting that those people might have been trying to install spyware on your phone.

It is necessary for you as well as your friends to update or upgrade WhatsApp because there are higher chances of being hacked through older versions of the app. In case if someone tries to send the ‘Update’ button in order to convince you into installing a fake file then stop all conversations with them immediately.

Whatsapp might not inform users about recording conversations but they do warn users who receive suspicious files via WhatsApp chat.

Ways to Know if a WhatsApp Video Call is Being Recorded:

When you are on a video call, it is difficult to know if the person is recording. If it does not matter, then do not worry about it.

  1. When you make a Voice / Video call using WhatsApp you see live preview of the person on your screen: If the live preview is not showing up on your screen and instead, there is a rotating circle (refresh icon), then your WhatsApp voice / video call is being recorded. You will also notice that the volume buttons of your phone are disabled for such calls. These methods also work for WhatsCalls as well as regular calls.
  2. It is very easy to find out who is recording your audio-video call. All you have to do is make sure you hear your own voice back on WhatsApp. If the other person is recording, there will be a sound that sounds like this: “shhhhhhh”.

How do you stop from being recorded your face on a video call?

Hiding your face from a video call on WhatsApp can make sure that your privacy is protected. This is the case if you are hiding your face or if it’s just a feature of the call. It can be used to protect someone who is on the video call.

So if you’re on a video call, use the face mask to cover your privacy. This will help protect your identity. No one can see who you are if they ask for permission.


If you’re using WhatsApp, then the app is recording your video call. It’s always worth checking to make sure that there are no unexpected recordings of conversations or videos on your phone before deleting them so they don’t come back to haunt you later!

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