How to translate multiple languages at once?

Do you want to translate a website, an application? As an Internet user, you are probably used to websites that support more than one language.

This is very nice for people who do not speak the same language. What if you didn’t have to translate multiple times? Wouldn’t it be great if you could translate the same text into more than one language at once? There is a way of making this possible and we are going to show you how. This method relies on Google Sheet and Google Translate functions.


Steps to translate multiple language at once using Google Sheet

To translate multiple languages at once, you have to create a new Google Sheet. Make sure you have already logged in with your Google account and follow the below steps.

1. Create a new sheet

You can open Google Sheet either by using this link or you can open the Google sheet by clicking on Google Apps->Sheets.

Open Google sheets

After that, click on the Blank option from Start a new spreadsheet section.

Start a new spreadsheet

2. Rename the sheets

Rename sheet 1 to input. You can create the translation process in a single sheet. But I am going to create two separate sheets. The first one is for the source language and the second one is for translating text. I am creating this because I also want to export the Google Sheet data in JSON format.

rename google sheet

3. Create Source text sheet

In Input, sheet writes some text i.e. “Enter Your Text” at cell address A1. The source text will be in the B1 cell.

input sheet

4. Create Translate text sheet

Now add a new sheet and rename it to translate. In This sheet, we are going to show the translated text.

In the “translate” sheet, write the name, code, and translation as a column header and freeze the top row by selecting the first row and click on view->Freeze->1 row. So it will freeze the first row.

Now enter the language name and code depends on how many languages do you want like the below image. Here language code is ISO language code i.e. the language code of English is en.

translate sheet

5. Enter the formula

Now in “translate” sheet, enter the formula i.e. =GOOGLETRANSLATE(input!$B$1,"en",B2) into C2 Cell.

enter formula in google sheet

The function =GOOGLETRANSLATE() accept three arguments. The first one is source text, the second one is the source language and the last one is the target language.

For the source text argument, I am using a reference cell value from the input sheet cell B1. To make the absolute cell reference, I am using the value input!$B$1. Here input! is the sheet name.

In the above formula, I have entered the source language as “en”, which means English. In target_language I am using a cell reference i.e. B2. The B2 cell contains the language code of English.

Now drag the cell handle until the last language to make the formula available for the rest of the language.

Now enter some text in the input sheet like this.

The text will be automatically translated to the specific language.

Suppose, you want to translate text other than English, you have to change the source language code on this formula. For example, your source text is German, so the formula will be =GOOGLETRANSLATE(input!$B$1,"de","en").


So that’s it for the tutorial. If you have any questions, please comment below. I will definitely help you.

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