Where YouTube offline videos are stored in android

YouTube is the best platform to watch videos on your android phone. But there are many situations when you don’t have any internet connectivity, like while traveling by train or bus, or you don’t want to use the internet for some reason. In this situation, YouTube offline feature comes handy which enables you to save all your favorite videos on your phone so that even without an internet connection you can still enjoy them later.

It’s really a very helpful and fun feature of the YouTube app but most people aren’t aware of where exactly these saved files are stored in their phones. Here I’ll show how to find out where YouTube offline videos are located on Android devices.

Where do YouTube offline videos get saved?

YouTube videos will be saved in the internal storage of your phone i.e. Internal storage/Android/data/com.google.android.youtube/files/Offline/[system generated directory]/streams directory if downloading from mobile.

What can you do with this downloaded video from YouTube?

The youtube video downloaded files are actually .exo files that can’t be opened with common video players like VLC or MX player etc. This is because they are encrypted and Google doesn’t want people to share them. It is not possible to transfer the downloaded file to an SD card.

So you cannot do much without decrypting the video. There was no mention of any encryption used for these downloaded EXO files on Wikipedia or anywhere else online. When you save a YouTube video, it is split into parts. A 6.21-minute video took six segments to download. Only devices with the YouTube app can do this task.


I hope this post was useful for you to know where Youtube Videos get saved on your phone so that you can easily delete unwanted ones and save space. Make sure that you have enough storage space on your phone before downloading any more apps or games, so there is room to store these videos when they become available for offline viewing.

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  1. You should have said right upfront that such videos are in a format that’s useless for sharing or playing outside the Youtube app itself.


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