Convert Array To String With or Without Commas

In this tutorial, we are going to check how to convert a JavaScript array to a string with or without commas.

In order to convert an array into a string, we can use the toString() built-in method that will return all array elements in a comma-separated string.


JavaScript array to string with commas

Let’s check an example first.

let javascript_array = ['Array', 'To', 'String'];
let array_to_string = javascript_array.toString();

// output will be "Array,To,String"

JavaScript array to string without commas

Sometimes we need a string where comma-separated values are not required. But we can’t pass any argument to the toString() method to generate without a comma-separated string from an array.

In this case, we can use the .join() method. If we call this method without any argument, it will return the same output as toString().

toString() method call join() method internally without pass any argument. You can pass any separator to join().

console.log( ['Array', 'To', 'String'].join() );      
// "Array,To,String"

console.log( ['Array', 'To', 'String'].join(' ') );   
// "Array To String"

console.log( ['Array', 'To', 'String'].join('') );    
// "ArrayToString"

console.log( ['Array', 'To', 'String'].join('|') );   
// "Array|To|String"

Array to string with brackets and quotes

let javascript_array = ['Array', 'To', 'String'];
let array_to_string = JSON.stringify(javascript_array);

//output "[\"Array\",\"To\",\"String\"]"

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