“It is either an unsupported media type ” | Camtasia Error

Lots of users are facing a problem whenever they try to import .mov file to Camtasia i.e “It is either an unsupported media type or required codecs are not found”. It does not mean that Camtasia can not load file mov. But it has some requirement.

The .mov is a multimedia file format, developed by Apple. It supports video, audio, animation and special features is “alpha” property. Whenever we try to import .mov file which has an alpha property in it we cant import .mov file. You will get Camtasia 9 codec error.

Camtasia cannot load file mov

Camtasia is a great application for YouTuber. It is really easy to work on Camtasia. But lots of users try to import transparent lower thirds into Camtasia and get “It is either an unsupported media type” error. Lots of users try to rename .mov to .mp4. But renaming the file format will not going to change its original codec. So the trick is not going to work.

I am going to show you how to import transparent lower thirds with .mov extension. First, download the below file.

Download the file

After download, extract it. You can see 2 folders into it i.e ffe and ffmpeg. Now open ffe folder and then double click on ffe.exe to open this file.

extract the file

It will ask for a file i.e “Please open ffmpeg binary..”.  So, locate the extracted folder, select ffmpeg folder, then open bin folder. Finally, click ffmpeg.exe file.

You have to select it for the first time. The ffe.exe file depends on ffmeg.exe file. After that, you can see the main window.

ffe main window

From the above window click on the input option to select your .mov file which has alpha property.

input file

And then click on output option, where you want to save your converted file. After select, make sure your converted file extension is .mov. Because sometimes it changes automatically to .mkv. So you have to manually do this.

output file

Here is the main part. Generally, transparent .mov file video codec is “animation”. But Camtasia does not support it. So we have to change the video codec to “png”. So select png from video codec option. We have to convert the video codec for Camtasia. After that click on Do it button.

video codec png

It will take some time depending on your video length. After successfully converted video codec to png format, you can easily import your transparent .mov file into Camtasia.

Hope this tutorial helps you to use stylish lower third into your Camtasia project.

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