Tag holds all visible HTML of a webpage

In HTML the body tag holds all the visible part of a webpage. So the <body> is a container tag. If we write any thing into <body> & </body>, it will visible in web browser.

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In HTML the <body> tag is child of <html> tag. So lets try with basic HTML templete which will clear everything if you are new in HTML.

		<!-- contain title tag, style of an element 
		or link to external stylesheet 
		user can't see in browser page area
		<title>Hello World</title><!-- show the text in web browser title bar -->
		What you have put here will display in a web browser
			Javascript can be written in head tag or anywhere in body tag enclose with <script>


In html the <html>, <head> and <body> tag can be used one time. So you can’t use <body> tag multiple times.

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